All You Need To Know About The Benefits Of Interlocking Carpet Squares

When you take a moment to view older building constructions, one of the most common features you will notice is that the flooring used is a rolled carpet. This is due to the fact that the rolled carpet design was the most popular style in previous years; however, that is no longer the case. As year’s progress and new designs are developed, it was found that interlocking squares were far more beneficial and aesthetically pleasing. No longer was it necessary to unroll long lines of carpet, all a person need do is simply install carpets by placing the squares alongside each other – piece by piece in a highly convenient and easy -to-use manner. This article will provide information on the different benefits of using these nifty interlocking carpet squares.

1. Speedy Installation

As is mentioned, the installation of the interlocking carpet squares is far simpler and more convenient than the traditional rolling out of carpet lengths. Instead of pushing pieces of fabric along, it was easy to place squares side-by-side and click them into place as desired. By introducing this method, manufacturers were removing the aggravation of having to measure rooms and cut carpets to the required length; therefore, the time spent installing carpets was dramatically reduced.

2. Reduced Overall Cost

Contrary to popular belief, the implementation of these squares did not increase the cost of carpet installation but actually resulted in a cost reduction. In previous years, the need to purchase long rolls of carpet made it necessary for individuals to spend money on potentially wasted materials; however, this factor was eliminated with the interlocking squares. Instead of buying yards of unneeded and unwanted fabric, an individual was able to purchase the correct amount of squares required for a specific area saving money in the long-term.

3. Clean And Uniform Installation

As we revert back to the highly beneficial aspect of carpet installation, this article looks at the aesthetic appearance of the interlocking squares. When installing a rolled length of carpet material there was always the potential that ‘bubbles’ and ‘wrinkles’ would appear due to the trapped air or debris; however, this was another issue completely eliminated by the squares. The interlocking factor allowed an individual to remove any debris or air as he/she moved along the floor, thus avoiding the development of wrinkles or bubbles. By avoiding wrinkles or bubbles, it was possible to create a clean and uniform installation.