Green Oak Frames Are Strong And Environmentally Friendly

Are you getting ready to build a new home? There are many considerations when you are building. You must choose a foundation, decide on a roofing material and choose the type of framing you want. Green oak frames are a good choice, especially if you want to also be environmentally friendly. Most homes are built with timber frames. Builders typically use green wood which means the wood has not dried out and still has a high moisture content. Green oak is used by many builders and is considered one of the best woods to use when building a frame for a home.

Green oak is unseasoned which usually means it was felled less than 18 months ago. This means the wood is still relatively moist making it easier to use in complex shapes than kiln or air dried wood. Green oak will begin to dry out and once the frame is completed, the wood will shrink. Joints will tighten and the frame will become structurally sound. The builder allows for this shrinkage and tightening in the building plans.

Green oak is very popular with builders because it provides a beautiful timber frame that only grows stronger as the wood ages. There are some who believe it is better to use air or kiln dried oak when building, but this isn’t necessarily true. It can take up to eight years for green oak to completely dry which makes this type of wood expensive.

To use kiln or air dried wood in the timber frame of a home can significantly increase the price of a home. Kiln or air dried wood makes a good choice for a mantle or perhaps a decorative wall, but not for the timber framing of a home.

Another myth often associated with green oak is that is vulnerable to rot and infestation. This is simply not true. Unless the wood is actually damp, it will not rot. Oak is also very resistant to attacks from any type of insect. Wood breathes which allows moisture and humidity to pass through. A natural, green oak frame will usually have few, if any problems as long as it is protected from damp that can arise from poorly maintained gutters or downpipes.

One of the best thing about using green oak frames is that it is environmentally friendly. Green oak is almost always sourced from sustainable farms which are diligent about replanting. Green oak is truly a sustainable building material.