Guernsey Architects

guernsey-architectsPF+A are a team of hardworking Guernsey architects, interior designers, technicians, sight construction administrators, technologists and 3D modelers, they are fantastic Guernsey architects and interior designers Guernsey. Their expertise range from traditional and modern design to the technical skills needed to support the administration of the construction. They are even one of the leading specialists in Guernsey due to their track record of achieving planning success and all of the hard work they have done over the last 20 years. They are equipped to support their clients throughout the whole of the renovation. They like to pride themselves on having a down to earth approach to client relationships. They provide the interface between design and construction

They follow a specific procedure when they are completing their work. This begins with them arranging a client meeting between you and a member of their team. Throughout this meeting you will discuss your ideas and they will go on to offer their own advice and suggestions. Next a measured survey would be completed on the property. Next, the Guernsey architects will complete a proposed plan, which shows all of the necessary information. A building contractor will then be chosen, so that an accurate price can be agreed. Finally, they will work with the builder to ensure all of the work runs smoothly.

These Guernsey architects have done work on a selection of different properties such as Mystique, this property inhabits an east coast vantage point. It is overlooking the islands of Herm and Sark. The original property was made up of small rooms. They transformed the property into a fantastic home which is filled with rooms and panoramic glazed doors which allow light to flow through the home. Careful detail was done throughout the home making sure that clean lines were a consistent feature throughout the property. They even fitted a floating staircase which resembles the shape of a harp and works as a functional and gorgeous centre piece. They also renovated La Ruette, on this property they had to overcome several challenges as part of this property dates back to the 15th century; they wanted to preserve its character as much as possible. They began with the front of the property where they refurbished the staircase, lime render and plaster of the home. They fitted new oak staircases and bespoke doors were used to complement the original wooden beams. They also linked a kitchen to the main part of the home. They turned this tired property, into a fantastic home.