Real Estate Edmonton Agency Red Flags

When selling real estate Edmonton you need to consider hiring a real estate agency. However, there are some red flags that you need to know about which will help you find the best agency for your property.

High Price For Your Home

Most people assume that it is good when an agency gives them a high estimated value for their real estate Edmonton. You need to get an estimate from a few agencies and you should not simply use the one that is the highest. The estimates all use the same information to determine price and if an agency prices your property too high from the start it will have a problem selling.

They Are A Part-Time Agent

You need to choose an agency that is active every day. A part-time agency will not be able to offer you the support and service that you need to sell your home. Part-time agencies will also be limited on when they are able to show people the property which could mean missed sales.

Using A Relative

If you have a relative who is a good agent and an expert in your area then you might want to consider using them. However, it is not recommended that you use family members as this could lead to resentment if the house has trouble selling. Any family issues you have may also start to affect your property sale.

Lack Of Area Experience

The best agency to hire will be one that has experience in selling in your area. These agents will not only be able to sell the area to potential buyers, but they may already know buyers who are looking for properties in the area. Local agents are always the best place to start when you look for someone to sell your house.

Showing Up With Online Listings

A lot of people rely on property websites to direct them to agents in their area. If the agent comes up as the top one for your area with listings you should be weary as it is possible that the agency paid for this. Many property websites sell space to stay afloat and one of the options is to be rated as a top seller in certain areas.

They Don’t Regularly Sell Your Property Type

There are a lot of agents who specialize in the sale of certain property types such as apartments or houses. You need to find an agent that has experience in selling your type of property. There is no point in hiring an agent who can sell houses when you want to sell an apartment.